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I couldn’t live without it. I am close to nature. As a child I liked to be outside and was fascinated by the life around us. As small as I was I drew notebooks full of forests, wolves and other small animals.

Nowadays I like to marvel at the variety of insects. Because although many may seem frightening at first sight, they are often beautiful and unique when you look at them a little longer.

With my drawn insects I try to show how beautiful this biodiversity really is. With this I hope to bring small pieces of happiness into everyone’s life. A piece of awareness and amazement about the insects, but also about flowers, herbs and the underwater world. My source of inspiration, nature, is inexhaustible and my wish list of subjects I would like to paint and draw is endless.

the studio.

I work mainly from my home studio, based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

I like to work with various materials and techniques and like to combine them with each other. Watercolors, acrylics, fineliners, pencils and gouache are my favorites. I mainly make insects like beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, bees and bumblebees. I put a lot of attention and patience in the details.

Although my works vary from small magnets to large murals and the materials are diverse, they all have in common that they are inspired by nature. 

Materials and techniques.

Creativity takes many forms. For me, ‘the main factor’ is that I can create. The visual arts, making things, digitally, with wood, on paper and even on walls.

I like to do that with mixed techniques and materials, among others:

• acrylic paint,
• gouache,
• water paints,
• ecoline ink,
• charcoal,
• 0.03 + 0.05 fineliners,
• duomarkers or
• pencils.

In terms of combination, I prefer to use fineliners, water colours and pencils to achieve the best results. The thin lines in combination with dotted technique (also called dotwork or pointillism) provide many fine details. This requires a lot of patience, and that is exactly where my strength lies. Because patience? That is what I have! This is how the works that sometimes take up to 15+ hours come into their own.

As far as paper is concerned, I prefer to use watercolour paper or Khadi paper. Khadi paper is 100% cotton paper from India. It is made by hand. This beautiful paper has a long fibre, which makes it exceptionally strong. Because it is handmade, every sheet has a rough finish. And these imperfections are exactly what makes this paper so beautiful.

Furthermore, this paper is acid free and suitable for many possibilities, including all the techniques I use. I use 320 msg coarse Khadi paper.

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