gee adriaansz at studiogee.

With love for nature

Art is always evolving. It is a creative flow itself. The same applies to my own abilities and interests. Nature is always the basis for my work, and I am particularly fascinated by insects. Bees and bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies and beetles. I find them miraculous & beautiful animals.

My love for nature is deeply rooted. So deep that it led me, in the heat of a burn-out, to leave my job as a web designer and web host behind me. This happend in August 2020. With the aim of being able to throw myself completely into my passion, the creation of ‘natural’ art.

It is a beautiful, even spiritual journey, in which I step out of my comfort zone almost daily to try something new, and often feel the full wonderment that my hands were able to create this. It is exciting because I never know what the day will bring. Whether I have the energy to go all the way, or whether the reins of the burn-out are cutting me short and I need to take it easy. But above all: it is a true creative journey that I follow with curiosity and confidence, and which I love to share with you through this website and the other social media channels.

Welcome to the place where you can get to know me and where I can share my journey of discovery as a Nature Artist with you.


“Every artist dips her brush in her own soul, and paints her own nature into her paintings”


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